Who I am

I’m 28 and live in Syracuse now, but my life began in Buffalo.  I grew up north of Buffalo in Lewiston, NY during the Bills run of Super Bowls and then moved south of Buffalo to Ellicottville in ski country.   I live for Buffalo sports and my wife would probably say each Sunday is a little overkill on my part, but that’s how most of us are.  I wake up on Mondays and my mood until Wednesday is determined by Sunday’s outcome.  Bills win and it’s an easy week and a loss drags down almost everything I do. 


My first love was the Bills, but with that being said, the love for the Sabres came right along side.  I think it’s because they are on four times as often and for half the year.  Buffalo is a true hockey and football town.  Close to Canada I spent a lot of my youth watch CBC and Hockey Night in Canada like so many of you did.  Going to the Aud was definitely my favorite experience.  That place was like a concrete fortress and the beer guy did the Pee-wee Herman dance. 


Of course as with all Buffalo sports fans, our whole life has been filled with hair pulling moments.  Wide Right, No Goal, No Goal II, Music City Miracle are the big ones but lets not forget our friend Ronnie Harmon and the Patriots game in 1998  or the Sabres having to play without their top 4 defensemen and then Brian Campbell gets a stupid delay of game penalty in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals.  Nonetheless we all come back for more.  For all the bad, there’s been good.  Four straight Super Bowl runs, 51-3, The Comeback, The Hasek Era, Post-lockout Hockey with back to back conference finals runs. 


Nonetheless, with each opening game and night, my love affair with the sports teams of Buffalo is dialed up and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I decided to try and talk about my love affair with Buffalo and its sports teams.  Like so many others it is a part of who I am and a part I will cherish forever.  Let’s go Buffalo! 

2 responses to “Who I am

  1. Don’t listen to Teddy, your about is heartfelt and moving. I liked it, at least. It kills me sometimes when people rip apart others for basic shit.

    And hey, did you know that the beer guy at the Aud is on twitter!? Pretty funny too. I forget what his twitter handle is offhand though.

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