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Immediate Reactions

Alright, thank god the Bills pulled this out and pulled this Buffalo sports weekend out of its misery.  Let me just say that they scored 54 points.  I don’t care how or what you want to say, that was fun.  We needed that.  They have a mountain to climb, but for today I had fun as a Bills fan.  There was a lot to like out of today’s game and going forward there are things to look for going forward.  Most importantly my wedding weekend is saved with this win.  Here are some of the thoughts from today:


Leodis McKelvin is a football player. I thought he had a good cover game against the Browns and he finally was rewarded with 2 INTs and a TD.

Stud two weeks Leodis. Nicely done!

Stud two weeks Leodis. Nicely done!


Good bounce back game from Edwards, pushed the ball down field and didn’t make mistakes. He showed mobility and poise in the pocket. It obviously doesn’t take the last month of the table, but let’s be serious. That was a hell of a football game that he played today.



Did anyone else notice that Mitchell gave Taylor Thigpen a love tap on a potential safety?


George Wilson just makes plays when he gets the chance.


It was good to see the Bills actually create some turnovers and what a nice stick by Reggie Corner.


I love the Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch combo and they were on the field together on the fourth-and-one play. 


Maybe it’s just me, but did the Bills run more play action today than they have in the last month?


I think we all see how much of an impact that Josh Reed has on this offense.  He finds seems, blocks well on running plays and he’s a great teammate.


Good to know that Lee Evans is still a Bill.


How good would this Bills defense be with a healthy Aaron Schobel and Angelo Crowell?


Thankfully Randy Cross wasn’t calling the game and I could hear the brilliance that is Solomon Wilcox.


Another hit out of bounds and an awful call?  I’m beginning to think that Troy Polamalu is right. 

Pansy league

Pansy league


On a side note, I think Kansas City has a pretty good team and could develop into a nice team.  I like Dwayne Bowe, Jamal Charles and they have some really good young players on defense.


Game Ball:

Leodis McKelvin.  Now if only James Hardy and/or Steve Johnson can develop. I frankly don’t care which one it is.


Where this leaves the Bills, I don’t know, but we can all regroup and enjoy Thanksgiving thinking the Bills are still in the race.  But New York dominated Tennessee and that was not something I was hoping to see.  Realistically the Bills need to go at least 5-1 and if they lose it had better be to a NFC team.  Next week brings in the 49ers the day after my wedding and I’m hoping some friends can stick around to watch the game, but I like the Bills at home next weekend to keep this ride going.  30-13 Bills next week with the cross country trip killing San Fran.

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