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Testing 1, 2, 3

With everything that is going on in Buffalo and sports I’ve been having a burning desire to start writing about all of these issues and finally thinking it may be time.  I just had my second child so the timing is probably about as bad as it could but I’ll write when time permits.

These changes going on with the Sabres are something out of a dream more in the fact that this leadership appreciates the details that will hopefully have an positive impact on the fans and the players.  Ted Black and TPegs seem to be building a culture within the organization that does make a meaningful impact on employees (players).

Where this goes none of us know and for this season getting to the playoffs is and should be the goal. Get there and see what happens and then lets see what the summer can bring. Like everyone I know it is an exciting time to be a Sabres fan but the Buffalonian in me knows this is the honeymoon stage (see Lawyer Milloy’s first game). Being a sustainable contender and winning a cup is the aspiration. I can’t wait to take the ride.

I’ll hopefully try to share many more thoughts on a wide variety of sports topics but the main focus will be Buffalo sports. Tell your friends and let me know your blogs and I’ll be sure to check them out.

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What the future may hold

So on my way into work this morning I was listening back and forth between ruffled WGR and ESPN radio and Mike and Mike brought on Chris Mortensen to talk about the current coaching situations around the league and he brought up briefly the Dick Jauron ‘situation’ and seemed to think he thought he’d make it back next year.  Now I can kick and scream all I want about this, but Chris Mortensen’s life is talking to people in NFL circles and to me that’s kind of the nail in the coffin for my hopes that Jauron’s gone.  Although if he has a couple more beauties like Sunday who knows.


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How the hell?

I can't believe he made the Pro Bowl

I can't believe he made the Pro Bowl

Ok, now I a full fledged believer that the Pro Bowl is the biggest joke in the history of football, sports and the world.  I just got a text that fat slob that is Jason Peters made the Pro Bowl.  Seriously, no lie it’s from the Bills.  That’s so unbelievably awful.  I’m not sure if it’s the fans or what that voted him in, but I know Buffalo fans didn’t vote him in.  He was awful for the first 4 games and bad for the next 4 and has finally started to play better the last 5 or 6 games.  This is a joke.  That fat, lazy bastard better not think he can hold out again next year or I’m going to….well probably just give myself an ulcer, but still. 



On top of that Nathan Gerbe’s hurt, but at least we get Kaleta back.  


Also, here’s a good piece on Hockey Jersey etiquette although I think WGR and myself would add a couple to this rule:


  1. Couples should not wear matching players jerseys (although it may be acceptable if they were wearing home and aways?)
  2. Blank jersey (They do this a ton in Canada so it’s probably debatable, but I like making a commitment to a player and the team, but this is substantially better than the people who personalize their jerseys with their own names)
  3. And it mentions wearing an Islanders’ Satan Jersey?  I nix that rule.  Team first, player second.  I don’t think too many Jets’ fans are wearing Pennington jerseys in Week 17 this year nor will Dolphin fans be wearing a Jets’ Pennington jersey?


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Where to next?

So I turned on Sportscenter this morning and was watching some of the recap from last nights Eagles’ game and they were interviewing Donovan McNabb.  All I could think of was Marshawn Lynch’s interview last week. McNabb said that as a team, each individual said that they can do better and for the last couple of weeks they have been doing.  It goes along with what I talked about yesterday and veteran leadership.  The Eagles have enough players who know what it takes to win and the Bills didn’t have enough players stand up and say I can do better when things got tough they crumbled.


The Sabres and Bills are both at somewhat of the same time in terms of development and age, but the big difference is the young players on the Sabres went to back-to-back conference Finals and had savvy veterans to learn from and hopefully start to carry over for themselves and you’re starting to see Vanek, Roy, Pommer, Gaustad and the rest of the team take that leadership role. I’m just not sure where the Bills are going to look to get it outside of Marshawn Lynch and maybe Donte Whitner.  I really hate Tom Donahue as a person for having back-to-back-to-back TERRIBLE drafts.  It’s beyond annoying that his first day picks have turned into almost nothing and that’s why we’re lacking the veteran leadership.


On a side note, Syracuse managed to lose to Cleveland State on prayer.  I’m not even that upset about it because the game shouldn’t have been that close and Syracuse played terrible, but seriously, what a freakin shot.


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Not a beautiful morning

Seriously?  I mean this is the time to make that official?  They totally insult our intelligence and dedication.  Obviously it says sources, but for this to even come out after the way yesterday turned out is a swift kick to the groin.

I woke up this morning and tried to think about something positive about yesterday’s game and the only one I can really come up with automatically leads me to the worst of it.  Marshawn Lynch was for lack of a better word a beast yesterday.  He called out himself and the whole O-line and himself went out to prove himself wrong.  I loved watching him on the sideline trying to get people fired up with god forbid a little emotion.  But with Marshawn Lynch playing another great game it just compounds the coaching mistake to throw the ball on 2nd down instead of running and trying to pick up the first down after you had already picked up 6 on first!  That makes too much sense and we roll out Losman who seems to have the decision making capability of a 4 year old and expect him to make the smart play?  Good god. You run the ball on second and you run the ball on third.  JP LOSMAN IS AT QUARTERBACK!  I mean as soon as JP rolled out who seriously went, “oh good I’m glad they didn’t give the ball to our best player and rolled out Losman, I think that will catch the Jets off guard.”  Not only could you see the sack coming, but you knew it was going to be a fumble too.


As a fan, as a team they needed to win that game.  This is a young impressionable team that learned early in the season how to win some games, but they’ve forgot that feeling.  This is a solid core of young players who need to know how to turn the corner.  There was an article by Leo Roth in the Rochester D&C on Saturday that talked with Kawika Mitchell about the difference between this year with the Bills and last year with the Giants and he said it was the players.  I like that Donte Whitner has taken a leadership role, I really do.  But every good team has viable veteran leadership that forces the players to hold themselves accountable.  For instance, I’ve been saying for a while the Bills need to bring in a number 2 receiver this offseason and it may have to be a note in itself, but out of curiosity I looked up free agent wide receivers and a name of a guy I thought would be good for this young group.   Amani Toomer (TJ Houshmandzadeh is a pipe dream), a guy who’s been around forever on winning teams and just gets the job done.  He can teach Hardy and Johnson the position and more importantly be a great complement to Lee Evans. I know the Bills contract situation with receivers is loaded and they don’t have anyone coming off, but that’s why I’m a fan of saying goodbye to Roscoe.  I love Roscoe as a punt returner when he’s not fielding punts on the 1, but I would much rather be getting production out of the receiver spot and put Jackson, McKelvin or someone else that is completely capable of returning punts back there.  This team is the opposite of 2003 when we had older, veteran players and no young talent.  Now the question is, do the people at One Bills Drive know what to do to solve it?

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Immediate Reactions

Why wouldn’t that game have been that game have gone that exact way.  It’s almost like the Bills managed to wrap their whole season up in one game.  A whirlwind affair that left you feeling like you had been stood up on a blind date.  I was rather ho-hum about the whole game, but they managed to get me hooked no matter how much I tried and they did a great job punching me in the gut at the end.  At least we finally got a touchdown.


-Is JP Losman going to get a contract next year?  That’s a serious question.  He has fumbling issues, sacks issues and can’t throw the ball accurately.  Now obviously someone is going to sign him to some sort of deal, but I can’t wait to see what kind of contract he’s going to get.  Seriously, how do you complete 24 balls for only 148 yards?  Everyone said that Edwards loved the check down, but are our receivers even open? 


-I’ve been saying for a long time that I’m high on Steve Johnson and with Hardy going down and Roscoe Parrish being worthless at the position I hope they use the last two games to at least get a look at him.  Roscoe needs to go and they need to bring in a veteran number two receiver to complement Evans and allow Hardy and Johnson to grow.  Will they do that, probably not?


-How great was it watching a young TE catch balls and outrun our defense all day?


-I’m glad to see that Marshawn finally got over twenty carries (21) but seriously, what the hell were they thinking throwing on that second down play before the two minute warning?  The only thing I can think of was they thought they’d catch them off guard and an incompletion would’ve gotten them to the warning anyways and JP should’ve thrown the ball away. But come on, seriously.  I’m not joking that I think the top 10% of knowledgeable Bills fans could call a better game than Turk Schonert has in weeks.


-Donte Whitner had 9 tackles and a decent second half, but he was atrocious for that first half and it killed the Bills.  He looked slow and lost and I have to say it was scary to see that.


-Fred Jackson’s touchdown run was a great play and that’s where they really hooked me today.


-Who didn’t think there was a flag on that McKelvin return?  I just hate CBS for not putting the symbol up sooner because they tricked me.


-Did Dan Dierdorf say golly gee, twice?


Game Ball obviously goes to Marshawn Lynch who deserves so much more credit. 21 carries for 127 yards and went over a 1,000 yards. If Edwards can’t go next week I saw the Bills run the Wildcat the whole game.


This next two weeks needs to be serious talent evaluation time for the Bills and the front office. I’m watching players like McKelvin, Lynch, Johnson and the line to see if this team can really use these pieces for next year.   I laughed today when Losman fumbled because it was funny how fitting it was.  My wife said it scared her how calm I was after the game and it’s because this team has taken the life out of us.  Don’t get me wrong, I bleed Buffalo blue and red (or blue and gold depending on the day), but we’re a disgruntled union of fans.  We’re like the UAW who doesn’t want to face the reality that this team and franchise could be worse off than we expect.  There are a lot of players that need to be addressed whether or not they are going to help Buffalo win games any time soon and the coaching situation is going to need to be addressed sooner rather than later one way or another.  It comes with the territory, but right now as a Bills fan there are a lot more questions than there are answers. 

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A look ahead

I’m stealing almost every bit, no I am stealing every bit of information from www.wgr550.com but they did good stuff today.  It looks like we get to see Ryan Miller again in net tonight and god only knows when the goalie that is Patrick Lalime gets another shot in net.  Also, this whole Miller and ref thing is ridiculous from every angle.  The ref shouldn’t have said it, we shouldn’t be talking about it, but we are and I’m sure we’ll hear all too much about it tonight on the game. 


Also, you gotta love the article they have about Marshawn Lynch.  A guy who has every reason to start saying they should give me the ball more and pulling a Clinton Portis, didn’t.  He stood up and said I can do better.  If more people did that, the Bills would be better, the world would be better.  The Bills need more players like him, chasing down quarterbacks who run out of bounds on your sideline and playing with heart. He has fun, plays with energy.  That’s what this team misses. 



And more importantly, god help us if I have to watch JP on another Sunday.  FTLT is even moving away from their JP defense.  He’s got 3 games to play for his next contract.  Good luck with that.

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