My favorites

All of us have our favorites and they were/are our favorites and no one should ever criticize them.  I’ve decided to do a list of my favorite memories about sports and mostly in particular about Buffalo sports.  Feel free to criticize me or tell your own.  This will tell you a little bit more about me.


Favorite Bill of all-time: Thurman, people who grew up in my era are most likely going to pick Thurman, Bruce, Andre or Jimbo.  For me, that’s my order.


Favorite current Bill: Regardless of how it played out last year, Stevie Johnson is the guy I want to love. 


Favorite Sabre of all-time: Dave Andreychuk, I know a little weird, but the man scored power play goals and I loved him.


Favorite current Sabre:  Thomas Vanek, same style, more skill and under contract for a while. 


Favorite Bills games I’ve been to: 51-3 AFC Championship game, enough said.


Favorite Bills game: Comeback, even though I had to have Van Miller tell it to me.


Favorite Sabres game I’ve been to:  Game 5 against the NY Rangers with Drury’s game tying goal and Max’s OT game winner (Game 5 Eastern Conference Finals against Toronto is very close second)


Favorite Sabres game:  3-way tie Game 1 Sabres vs. Senators 7-6 OT game.  One of the best games to ever watch.  Dave Hannan game where Hasek and Brodeur played out of their minds. May-Day.

Top 5 non-Buffalo Sports moments in no particular order that I’ve witnessed




– 1996 Women’s gymnastics team

– Jim Valvano’s ESPY Speech

– Hasek’s run through the Olympic’s in 1998 (probably wouldn’t have cared as much if it wasn’t Hasek in net).

– Women’s world cup

– 1999 Ryder Cup


Moment I most wished I had witnessed: Miracle on Ice


I just realized those are mostly Olympic/national events. Interesting, or boring depending on your opinion.


Favorite Teams: Sabres, Bills, Syracuse Basketball, New York Mets, outside of that I just enjoy watching all and every sport and the Olympics are the sweetest thing ever. Period (well outside the Bills and Sabres).

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  1. Adam

    Hi there, I like your blog a lot and I’m wondering if you’d be interesting in blogging for our new start-up sports events site in the Buffalo area.

    Please send me an e-mail in response… and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Thanks in advance,

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