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What should the Sabres do

This Sabres team is at a cross roads and they need to something rather than later.  Nick Mendola of WGR wrote a great piece on what they should do.  I agree with it all and probably then some.  The Sabres need new blood and they are holding onto the team from a couple years ago that really ended the day Danny Briere and Chris Drury (who coincidently is now friends with my brother-in-law’s brother) left.  More than that how much do you think this team needs a JP Dumont? 



This team isn’t going to be able to unload their dead weight, but they better do their best to do so.  I just assume all but give away Tim Connolly and Maxim Afinogenov, but getting someone to take on his contract for the rest of this year and then he’s gone, probably back to Russia to play.  It goes deeper than that though and although I don’t think it’s crucial, I mentioned before that no one on this team should be safe minus the 4 or so guys they’ve given the contract extensions to.  This team needs Nathan Gerbe to become a Patrick Kane and why can’t he?  I’m sick of this staying in the AHL when other teams are benefitting now from their young talent.  We need to unload the Kotaliks, Afinogenovs, Connollys, and some of those defensemen and bring new life to this organization and hope, just hope that it works. 


Darcy and the front office get so set that they don’t make the wrong decisions and giving Afinogenov and Connolly extensions have not paid off and did not work out.  I still think Connolly is as good as anyone when healthy, but HE’S NEVER HEALTHY.  We have the players down in Portland that need to experience life in the NHL for better or worse and there are some players on this team that would probably need and love a change of scenery.  We need change and we need it sooner rather than later.





I understand why they gave Rivet the ‘C’, but I think this team needs, right or wrong, Vanek or Pominville to step up and be the leader of this team.  Crosby got the ‘C’ way younger than Vanek, but Vanek is ready.  He worked hard to be a better two way player and more responsible in his own end.  Maybe I’m crazy, but the best player usually needs to be the leader too.



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Last night sucked

Since the Sabres couldn’t score last night I watched this today instead:


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