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DeAngelo Hall a Bill?

Should the Bills pick up DeAngelo Hall?  Obviously they won’t pick him up off waivers, but they would be stupid not to at least try to pick him up somehow for the remainder of this year.  Leodis has not be ready to step in and play and I’m not blaming him, but the injury problems to Youboty and McGee have a lot of concern to me as a Bills fan. 


This isn’t even your typical open up your wallet Ralph Wilson situation, this is get your act together and address a need on a team that is starting to deal with injuries.  Russ Brandon has to act swiftly on this because Hall is going to be actively pursued.  I read someone else suggest this yesterday and I was hesitant to jump on this bandwagon, but I am now.  The Bills are a PLAYMAKER away on defense from being great.  They have a group of good solid defenders, but how many game changing plays do they have.  Hall has 3 INTs in a bad year for him, the Bills has 5 as a team and are -5 in the turnover department and obviously has been the reason of their last two losses.  The point is he’s a ball hawk with 18 INTs since 2005.  The Bills need to start making game changing plays with their defense and with the injuries to McGee and Youboty, then not having confidence in Leodis tells me they need to make this move because I can’t watch Ted Ginn have another game like that.

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