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Devils @ Sabres Reaction

Here we go again.  That wasn’t the prettiest of hockey games and the Sabres really seemed to labor through the whole game.  Not sure if it was the couple days off or what but they didn’t have the energy and it showed throughout. 


That first goal by the Devils was the epitome of the goals I hate by Ryan Miller.  Yes I’m blaming him for the huge rebound right into the slot that led to the goal.  The 5-on-3 rebound goal was definitely not Miller’s fault and the D should’ve dropped down on the play, but they seemed out of position throughout a lot of that kill.


The first goal by Stafford I loved.  He made a great break out pass to Roy at center and then skated his ass off to get in front of the net and knock it in.  Sometimes Stafford seems to have Vanek type (stress type) skills about him and it’s nice to see that he’s gotten his game much more simple and attacking the net. 


Also good to see that Kaleta was back skating around and drew multiple penalties and scored a goal extremely similar to Stafford’s.


But seriously, the biggest problem is defensive zone turnovers.  It led directly led to what 3 of the goals last night.  I’m lumping not getting the puck out of the zone effectively with a turnover.  It’s ridiculous how often they do that and it wasn’t just Sekera this time.  It’s annoying and frustrating. 


Kings are coming in on Friday night and I’m hoping that they can give me a Christmas present of a little bit of a run.  Although December, last nights loss will hurt, they had a chance to go 3-0 against the Devils and pass them in the standings.  It’s unbelievable how bad they play at home.  If I were Lindy I would be doing something to their game day routine to try and find something that works because obviously they aren’t getting in the right mindset to play and they were sluggish for all 3 periods last night and New Jersey had played an overtime game the night before.  


Side Note:  Nice little plug last night on the SU/Canisus game for high school basketball in Buffalo.  I seem to remember Buffalo getting much better when I was in early high school and Turner Carroll had those back to back great teams and Page and Stokes went and played well at good D1 schools.  Now with Harris, Flynn and Haywood they have some more and teams like Niagara and UB (with Buffalo kids) are making a name for themselves.

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Devils @ Sabres Preview

Rematch of Saturday night’s game and even though Gerbe is out, at least Kaleta will be bringing his energy back for the Sabres. I would expect that Miller is going to play after the long lay off and should be ready to go.  This is a big game in the standings for the Sabres and they need to stay in the thick of the race and you have to beat the teams you competing against. The Sabres (15-12-3) are two points behind the Devils (16-9-3) and have played two more games.  The biggest part of Saturday’s win was that Lalime was in net and improved on his 1-4-1 for the season.  The Devils are still a hot team and with Rivet out for the game I need to see both Sekera start putting together some games.  He’s really struggled at times this year and they’re going to need production out of him going forward. 

(courtesy of Getty Images)

(courtesy of Getty Images)

Hopefully the Sabres can put together a solid 60 minutes tonight.  They played a great first 37 minutes on Friday and ended the game well on Saturday.  I’ll obviously take another effort like Saturday if it results in a win, but I’d like to see them play well after several days off and New Jersey having just played an OT game last night.

 There’s a good article on Chris Butler and if there are more injuries on the blue line it’ll be interesting to see what Lindy does. 


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Sabres @ Devils Reaction

I’ve been doing something a little different which is why this might read a little different.  I’ve been writing notes while watching the game so it’s more of a running recap.  I had a family function last night so I DVRd the game and avoided my phone and all other things until I watched it and luckily don’t have Kramer as a neighbor to walk in and ruin it for me.


-That first goal was what I needed to see, just a hard working, full fledged attack that resulted in Vanek putting it in the goal.  People may call those garbage goals, but to me those are the goals that win games and they didn’t get on Friday.  I thought that Pominville should be playing with Vanek and Roy, but I think having Hecht in the center gives them a little more stability.  Even though Roy is a better player I’m really enjoying watching that line play.


-A side note on garbage goals, to me those types of goals aren’t garbage.  Bad bouncing pucks are garbage goals. Those are the result of hard work and putting yourself in the right position which is what Vanek does more often than not.


-What a great shot by Elias and great play by Gionta for taking two Sabres with him right before then.


-Langenbruener totally elbowed Gerbe on that play in the neutral zone right before their second goal.  I can’t stand Bobby Holik, not sure why I just feel like he always kills the Sabres.


-I’m glad that Nathan Gerbe finally got on the score sheet.  He’s had a great couple of games and deserved to get there.  What I like about his game right now is he’s just keeping it simple and threw the puck to the net.  Also was very glad to see that Drew Stafford found the wide open net this time.


-Mair’s fight with Leach was beautiful.  The thing I like about Mair, Gaustad and Kaleta as opposed to just Peters is that all are ready to throw down, but aren’t total liabilities out there and allow us to roll the four lines we need to.


-Harry Neale’s color commentary cracks me up.  Example, end of the second where he was ‘fairly certain’ it was too many men on the ice and it was an offsides.  That stuff happens, but just seems to happen to Harry some where between 2 and 1,037 times a game.


-Great play by Vanek at the beginning of the third where he back-checked and prevented a point blank opportunity for Gionta.  Just another perfect example of how much better he’s gotten in his own zone


-Just when I rip Harry Neale he made a great call on Stafford who played a great game last night and took that penalty that led to Roy’s goal.


-After Roy’s goal he made a great play that led to Vanek’s goal. How many multi goal games has Vanek had this year?

-Overall, very solid performance by Lalime also which is what we needed.  Also nice to see them win the second game of a back-to-back and bounce back after Friday’s loss.  As a fan this was the type of game I was hoping for and they provided.  Leading up to Wednesday’s rematch I can still feel good about the way the Sabres have played over the last 5 games and get excited.  But through past experience will definitely not get too excited.


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