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Rough Week

You know I said that I was dictated each week in the fall by the Bills and it definitely carried me to yesterday, but between everything going on with getting married I didn’t write until today.  At least the Sabres carried me through on Wednesday.  When I think about the Bills last three games it’s painful.  They’re a sloppy, undisciplined (young) football team.  The offensive line is atrocious and our pass rush isn’t far behind (good thing we have roughly $17 million a year plus tied up in our defensive ends). 


Jason Peters’ holdout is becoming a larger and larger burden because they haven’t been able to gel and get into a rhythm together and it looks highly unlikely at this point if they’re going to change that.  But the play calling has to get better for the most part with more runs to the outside and including more ‘wildcat’ formations to take the pressure of the offensive line and more importantly Trent Edwards.  Trent is still making good decisions 80%+ of the time, the problem is his mistakes are becoming increasingly hard to overcome.  Let’s enjoy the Sabres playing tonight and look forward to playing on MNF when all we get to hear about is how Jaws is from Lackawanna and Buffalo Wings and about 20,000 views of the Falls (don’t get me wrong, I love the Falls, but please get another aerial shot for the love of god.

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