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Thank you Sabres

Good win on the road last night for the Sabres. The penalty kill was fantastic and Miller was good when he need to be in the right spots to win that game. It was a good back and forth game that saw some of the best young players in hockey with Crosby, Malkin and Vanek.  The comment by Lindy Ruff they showed during the game that he expect Vanek to grow into that leadership role is something I just wrote about.  This team needs their best player to be their best leader.  You saw that last night from Malkin taking a couple penalties to defend his teammate and Crosby is the face of the franchise. 


I think Vanek’s close to being that player and you can see it by how well he’s played this year on the penalty kill and back checking specifically.  I’d like to see a little better forecheck, but that goes to the Sabres as a whole.  He still got his 20th goal last night and I like that he’ll be a Sabre for a while.


Does anyone have an opinion on Sekera?  I can’t make mine up about him.


I need more games like that from Ryan Miller, a lot more.  Especially with Lalime’s stellar record so far.  The two things that have really bothered me about Miller is how small and low he gets so often, and the rebounds he’s given up this year.  Last night was a fun game to watch and I’ll leave it at that.




I like what I’ve seen from Nathan Gerbe as well and I think it’s going to be interesting to see what they do with him.  He hasn’t done anything fantastic, but he’s had a couple good chances, skates hard and needs to learn the NHL game.  Good luck figuring that one out in December with Kaleta scheduled to come back soon.


Who doesn't love this guy?

Who doesn't love this guy?


You know, my wife brought up an interesting question to me last night and it’s one that I’m still pondering.  The Sabres game was Versus last night so I had the chance to watch it in HD since in Syracuse we just get MSG and not MSG HD.  Those of you that haven’t seen it, like everything else hockey is fantastically better in HD.  However, when you get used to the crisp commentary of Rick Jeanneret, the Versus announcers leave a little to be desired, or in other words, they suck.  So she posed the question to me like it would read on a Molson Canadian bottle.  Would you rather have hockey in HD all the time or Rick Jeanneret all the time?



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Last night sucked

Since the Sabres couldn’t score last night I watched this today instead:


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