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What the future may hold

So on my way into work this morning I was listening back and forth between ruffled WGR and ESPN radio and Mike and Mike brought on Chris Mortensen to talk about the current coaching situations around the league and he brought up briefly the Dick Jauron ‘situation’ and seemed to think he thought he’d make it back next year.  Now I can kick and scream all I want about this, but Chris Mortensen’s life is talking to people in NFL circles and to me that’s kind of the nail in the coffin for my hopes that Jauron’s gone.  Although if he has a couple more beauties like Sunday who knows.



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Not a beautiful morning

Seriously?  I mean this is the time to make that official?  They totally insult our intelligence and dedication.  Obviously it says sources, but for this to even come out after the way yesterday turned out is a swift kick to the groin.

I woke up this morning and tried to think about something positive about yesterday’s game and the only one I can really come up with automatically leads me to the worst of it.  Marshawn Lynch was for lack of a better word a beast yesterday.  He called out himself and the whole O-line and himself went out to prove himself wrong.  I loved watching him on the sideline trying to get people fired up with god forbid a little emotion.  But with Marshawn Lynch playing another great game it just compounds the coaching mistake to throw the ball on 2nd down instead of running and trying to pick up the first down after you had already picked up 6 on first!  That makes too much sense and we roll out Losman who seems to have the decision making capability of a 4 year old and expect him to make the smart play?  Good god. You run the ball on second and you run the ball on third.  JP LOSMAN IS AT QUARTERBACK!  I mean as soon as JP rolled out who seriously went, “oh good I’m glad they didn’t give the ball to our best player and rolled out Losman, I think that will catch the Jets off guard.”  Not only could you see the sack coming, but you knew it was going to be a fumble too.


As a fan, as a team they needed to win that game.  This is a young impressionable team that learned early in the season how to win some games, but they’ve forgot that feeling.  This is a solid core of young players who need to know how to turn the corner.  There was an article by Leo Roth in the Rochester D&C on Saturday that talked with Kawika Mitchell about the difference between this year with the Bills and last year with the Giants and he said it was the players.  I like that Donte Whitner has taken a leadership role, I really do.  But every good team has viable veteran leadership that forces the players to hold themselves accountable.  For instance, I’ve been saying for a while the Bills need to bring in a number 2 receiver this offseason and it may have to be a note in itself, but out of curiosity I looked up free agent wide receivers and a name of a guy I thought would be good for this young group.   Amani Toomer (TJ Houshmandzadeh is a pipe dream), a guy who’s been around forever on winning teams and just gets the job done.  He can teach Hardy and Johnson the position and more importantly be a great complement to Lee Evans. I know the Bills contract situation with receivers is loaded and they don’t have anyone coming off, but that’s why I’m a fan of saying goodbye to Roscoe.  I love Roscoe as a punt returner when he’s not fielding punts on the 1, but I would much rather be getting production out of the receiver spot and put Jackson, McKelvin or someone else that is completely capable of returning punts back there.  This team is the opposite of 2003 when we had older, veteran players and no young talent.  Now the question is, do the people at One Bills Drive know what to do to solve it?

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Immediate Reactions

Why wouldn’t that game have been that game have gone that exact way.  It’s almost like the Bills managed to wrap their whole season up in one game.  A whirlwind affair that left you feeling like you had been stood up on a blind date.  I was rather ho-hum about the whole game, but they managed to get me hooked no matter how much I tried and they did a great job punching me in the gut at the end.  At least we finally got a touchdown.


-Is JP Losman going to get a contract next year?  That’s a serious question.  He has fumbling issues, sacks issues and can’t throw the ball accurately.  Now obviously someone is going to sign him to some sort of deal, but I can’t wait to see what kind of contract he’s going to get.  Seriously, how do you complete 24 balls for only 148 yards?  Everyone said that Edwards loved the check down, but are our receivers even open? 


-I’ve been saying for a long time that I’m high on Steve Johnson and with Hardy going down and Roscoe Parrish being worthless at the position I hope they use the last two games to at least get a look at him.  Roscoe needs to go and they need to bring in a veteran number two receiver to complement Evans and allow Hardy and Johnson to grow.  Will they do that, probably not?


-How great was it watching a young TE catch balls and outrun our defense all day?


-I’m glad to see that Marshawn finally got over twenty carries (21) but seriously, what the hell were they thinking throwing on that second down play before the two minute warning?  The only thing I can think of was they thought they’d catch them off guard and an incompletion would’ve gotten them to the warning anyways and JP should’ve thrown the ball away. But come on, seriously.  I’m not joking that I think the top 10% of knowledgeable Bills fans could call a better game than Turk Schonert has in weeks.


-Donte Whitner had 9 tackles and a decent second half, but he was atrocious for that first half and it killed the Bills.  He looked slow and lost and I have to say it was scary to see that.


-Fred Jackson’s touchdown run was a great play and that’s where they really hooked me today.


-Who didn’t think there was a flag on that McKelvin return?  I just hate CBS for not putting the symbol up sooner because they tricked me.


-Did Dan Dierdorf say golly gee, twice?


Game Ball obviously goes to Marshawn Lynch who deserves so much more credit. 21 carries for 127 yards and went over a 1,000 yards. If Edwards can’t go next week I saw the Bills run the Wildcat the whole game.


This next two weeks needs to be serious talent evaluation time for the Bills and the front office. I’m watching players like McKelvin, Lynch, Johnson and the line to see if this team can really use these pieces for next year.   I laughed today when Losman fumbled because it was funny how fitting it was.  My wife said it scared her how calm I was after the game and it’s because this team has taken the life out of us.  Don’t get me wrong, I bleed Buffalo blue and red (or blue and gold depending on the day), but we’re a disgruntled union of fans.  We’re like the UAW who doesn’t want to face the reality that this team and franchise could be worse off than we expect.  There are a lot of players that need to be addressed whether or not they are going to help Buffalo win games any time soon and the coaching situation is going to need to be addressed sooner rather than later one way or another.  It comes with the territory, but right now as a Bills fan there are a lot more questions than there are answers. 

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Delayed Reactions

Alright I apologize for the hiatus, but the last 5 days have been a whirl, a great one at that.  Although yesterday’s game was far from what I was hoping for as a cap of the weekend.  The Bills are not good, they may not even be that close to being a good team and in my opinion it starts with their coach and here are my thoughts on the game:


Ever since the word of extension for Dick Jauron came out this team has been beyond sloppy.  Terrible clock management, bad penalties, turning the ball over and changing how they call plays.  Not to mention Dick Jauron’s “even temperament” is fucking annoying to me and no one on this team ever has any emotion on the sideline and barely does in the game.  I hope the 49ers don’t want Singletary, because I’ll take him right now.


3 trips to the red zone and another drive that started on SF 25 and we got 3 points?  Ridiculous.  Rian Lindell is Monday’s bum, but we should’ve been better than that against the 3rd worst scoring defense.


Above mentioned drive that started on the SF 25 was a 3 and out and we didn’t give the ball to our best player.


How in the world does Marshawn Lynch only end up with 16 carries?  Seriously, someone try to put a legitimate answer together on that one.  He was an absolute beast and we give him the ball 16 times. I don’t get it.


If I read one thing about JP Losman, I’m going to throw up. Yeah he played alright, but we all know he’s out at the end of the year.  Trent Edwards is making silly stupid mistakes a lot like Eli Manning did in his first couple years, problem is the Bills are way worse than those Giants teams.


Rian Lindell should not be a Bill next year, I’m sorry.  He has not made one clutch kick in his career in Buffalo outside that Washington kick and a handful of big misses.  Spend that money elsewhere.


Even more out the door is Roscoe Parrish.  For the second time this year he inexcusably fields a punt on the 1.  The 1!!!!!!!!!  What the fuck are they teaching at Miami?  Not to mentioned he blew that touchdown. I don’t care what Tony Boselli says, Roscoe should catch that.  Yes, he’s a good punt returner, but this team needs a receiver first and a returner like 20th.  Not to mention Leodis and Freddy can do a more than sufficient job back there.


Ryan Denny is better than Chris Kelsay.


We need a pass rushing DE beyond believe.  The defense played an extremely good game and did what they could to help keep this team in the game.  But we need turnovers and turnovers come off pass rushing.  QB fumbles like they did yesterday and it forces them to throw too soon. 


Throw in a center in that one.  Duke Preston has played admirably, but isn’t going to cut it and neither is Melvin Fowler.


We scored 3 points against San Francisco at home?


Game ball easily goes to Marshawn Lynch


Goats of the week are Rian Lindell, Roscoe Parrish and Dick Jauron, all of whom I hope are not part of our team next year.


Next week, I don’t even care.  Let’s go 6-10 so we can just get draft picks.  This team is infuriating and the coach is infuriating and the whole organization is infuriating.  I’m not giving up as a Bills fan, but they’ve done a number on me this season.  I hope Trent Edwards is healthy to put together a couple games and see where we are.

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