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Big Buffalo sports weekend going on.  Sabres play back to back tonight and tomorrow and it caps off with a HUGE Sunday game for the Bills against the Pats.  Sabres start off tonight against the Thrashers and it looks like Tim Connolly has a hang nail or something.  I seriously have to wonder if he’s fragile or has a low pain tolerance or what.  I just don’t get it, he’s from here in Syracuse and I heard he’s had injuries even as a kid so good for him.  Take your 9 million dollars and run.  Anyways, the game against the Thrashers is a home game and I’m hoping to see Lalime in net tonight and see if he can bounce back after his shaky start and give Miller the night off to go against the Bruins tomorrow night in a divisional road game.  Plus Miller typically has done well against the Bruins.


As much as I love the Sabres and am excited for back to back games, we all know Sunday’s game is the weekend.  Lost the last 9 to New England.  Yeah I said 9.  We’ve lost the last two in division and a lose on Sunday puts us 5-4 with an 0-3 divisional record.  You know what upsets me over the last two weeks.  We give Dick Jauron a contract extension and then they play arguably the two sloppiest games under his tenure.  Penalties and turnovers abound and now we get a game against a team we haven’t beaten in forever.  I get they don’t have Tom Brady, but they still have Randy Moss and I urge you not to look at his career numbers against the Bills unless you want to throw up.  The Bills need to get the run game going, move Lee Evans around again to free him up and get the vertical passing game going again.  I liked that Derek Fine and Royal had good games last week, but more importantly than that I want to see Roscoe and Hardy have good games this week.  My gut tells me they are going to rebound this week, but until I see something on the field, I’m not going to let my head believe it.  I trust my gut, I trust Trent Edwards, but I need to see us run the ball and stop the short passing game.  The next two games are the Bills season.  First against the Patriots and then next week on Monday Night Football against Brady Quinn and the Browns.  I’m a fan, I can look ahead.  Minimum is a split, but they really need to win these next two games and get to 7-3 and look like they have control of this division. 


I’m introducing reactions to the Sabres game tonight, stay tuned.

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