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The weekend ahead

So we head into the last weekend before I get married and it’s a jam packed Buffalo sports weekend and for the love of god the bleeding needs to stop.  The Sabres play back-to-back home games against two teams lower than them in the standing in games they need to win to regain some stability and the Bills just better not lose to KC or I’m going to….well nothing I still watch the last 5 games like a sad, lost puppy. I’m not going to be able to watch most of next Friday’s and Saturday’s game with getting married and all, so I plan to watch as much as I can this week (although I will watch some of Texas Tech and Oklahoma tomorrow night). 


I’m not going to spend much time breaking down the Sabres games, but if you happen to be there go check out tgetman in section 311.  Ryan Miller needs to stop giving up rebounds, the defense needs to stop turning the puck over and being out of position and if Tim Connolly could just take a Midol and get on the ice that would be great too.  What a waste of $10 million.  Glad he has a million dollar house here in Syracuse, piece of shit. Anyway, the bottom line is these are games the Sabres should win and I think they need to win.  Everyone (including myself) got all excited after the start, but this team is going to finish somewhere between 6th and 9th in the conference. Deal with it.


The Bills however need to win if only for the selfish fact that I’m getting married next weekend and don’t want to be miserable all week because they lost. Other than that here’s how I see this weeks game broken down:


Trent Edwards and Taylor Thigpen are going in opposite directions. Thigpen is actually putting games together, throwing the ball to his receivers (what a concept) and managing the game.  Trent Edwards has spent the last month looking like a backup quarterback that Buffalo already has on the bench. Chris Brown’s blog  and his article show that Josh Reed has practiced this week and I have to root for the Pats, which is not all exciting.  However, getting Reed back should provide Edwards with another quality option and I think Steve Johnson still sees more balls thrown his way again this week, so enjoy the bench a little more James Hardy.  But can we please take a shot down the field?  Cleveland dropped 7 or 8 guys all game and unless you stretch them deep there won’t be anyway to throw.  Just a crazy thought.

What the hell happened while I was gone?

What the hell happened while I was gone?


As for the running game, just give the ball the Marshawn 20+ times a game, seriously. Yes he needs to hit the whole harder but he’s a back that feeds off carriers.  Also, I’m a fan of the ‘Wildcat offense’, but can’t we put both Fred Jackson and Marshawn back there together?  With just Jackson the defense knows EXACTLY what we’re going to do.  Am I wrong? Larry Johnson, have fun in rehab.marshawn


I think the biggest thing that I’m hoping Perry Fewell took from last week is that we need to blitz the quarterback.  Mitchell is a much better blitzer than a cover guy.  Bring the heat of the edges and let Stroud, Johnson and Kyle Williams do their part up the middle. 


Turnovers win in the NFL and the Bills don’t have a single “ball hawk” on defense without Angelo Crowell (how smart was that move).  Point is we need to create turnovers and I think McKelvin needs to hopefully be that person with Greer in question for the weekend. 


All being said I think the Bills bounce back and win the game 31-14 and get a solid game from Edwards.  Just to get our hopes high enough to live through another moment like Monday night.


Editor’s Note:  I swear to god if Randy Cross is calling the game I’m going to mute it.  I’m not sure why I even hate that condescending prick anymore, but I hate his guts and his arrogant piece of shit comments.  Just a thought.

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