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We’ve been lucky…

The comeback game, we all know about and it’s one of the proud moments for us Bills fans.  Marv Levy’s book has a quote saying that almost anyone you talk to from Buffalo was at that game.  Which we all know is not true because the game wasn’t even a sell out! I was 9 years old for that game and had to listen to it on the radio.  Just me and Van Miller.  I remember it was so bad that at half time my Dad and Mom walked into town to get some things down and they kept hearing cheers come from the bar down the street.  Finally the poked their head in and thanks to the old days of satellite TV a local bar had the feed of the game.  I listened to it on the radio and ran around my house like a crazy person.  It was unbelievable.  And obviously to this point for us Bills fans we are able to enjoy in the fact that Buffalo Bills own the greatest comeback in NFL history. 


I’m not sure why I was thinking about this game, but I live in Syracuse now and the blackout restrictions come here now. It wasn’t always that way.  The NFL blocks out a game in Buffalo all the way over in Syracuse, is that fair?  It’s amazing how many of my friends forget that game was blacked out because it’s been on NFL classic so many times for us.  It’s amazing that I remember so much of a game that I didn’t even watch. 


On that same time, how blessed were we during that time when we had Van Miller and Rick Jeanneret.  I remember we used to mute the Sabres games and put on the radio if Jeanneret wasn’t on play-by-play (youTube has the top 10 of his calls and I suggest you check them out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEfbyrKnKc0 ).  I guess my point is that I grew up having two play by play announcers who could paint a complete picture with their words where I didn’t even have to be watching.  That’s not something I could do with Gus Johnson or any of those guys from Versus. We need to enjoy Jeanneret while he lasts because it’s only a matter of time until he retires, how sad a day will that be….

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