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How the hell?

I can't believe he made the Pro Bowl

I can't believe he made the Pro Bowl

Ok, now I a full fledged believer that the Pro Bowl is the biggest joke in the history of football, sports and the world.  I just got a text that fat slob that is Jason Peters made the Pro Bowl.  Seriously, no lie it’s from the Bills.  That’s so unbelievably awful.  I’m not sure if it’s the fans or what that voted him in, but I know Buffalo fans didn’t vote him in.  He was awful for the first 4 games and bad for the next 4 and has finally started to play better the last 5 or 6 games.  This is a joke.  That fat, lazy bastard better not think he can hold out again next year or I’m going to….well probably just give myself an ulcer, but still. 



On top of that Nathan Gerbe’s hurt, but at least we get Kaleta back.  


Also, here’s a good piece on Hockey Jersey etiquette although I think WGR and myself would add a couple to this rule:


  1. Couples should not wear matching players jerseys (although it may be acceptable if they were wearing home and aways?)
  2. Blank jersey (They do this a ton in Canada so it’s probably debatable, but I like making a commitment to a player and the team, but this is substantially better than the people who personalize their jerseys with their own names)
  3. And it mentions wearing an Islanders’ Satan Jersey?  I nix that rule.  Team first, player second.  I don’t think too many Jets’ fans are wearing Pennington jerseys in Week 17 this year nor will Dolphin fans be wearing a Jets’ Pennington jersey?


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