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Game 2 Reactions

First and foremost, the Sabres got the split that all fans hope for.  They’re coming back to Buffalo and need to take care of that business and correct some of game 2’s errors.  The tone of the series is set and now its a matter of playing composed solid hockey.  Here are some thoughts on the game:

  • The series is getting a little chippy, huh?
  • The five goals allowed were more a reflection of the defense and not Ryan Miller.  First goal was a beauty by Giroux and terrible defense.  The second goal Sekera was pushed out of position leaving Carcillo all alone to take advantage of.  The third and most questionable goal still dealt with Butler being left behind and essentially a 1-on-1 opportunity for Philly.  Yes Miller could have and maybe should have got it, you expect your Vezina winning goalie to make the play but I’m not going to pile it on him.  The fourth goal was the result of essentially what felt like a 10-minute power play and then the fifth was a fluke off Briere’s skate.  I seem to be justifying Miller, but I’m more point out the collective failure of the team.
  • The 1-0 shutout was more than Miller and the 5-goals allowed were more than Miller
  • There was only a little over 7 minutes of even strength hockey in the second period and it hurt the Sabres a lot, in more ways that the go ahead goal
  • Grier has played a pretty solid two games so far including the diving save that didn’t matter. 

  • Having the PK on the ice that long kept the Sabres best player, Vanek off the ice essentially.  For the second game in a row the penalties didnt allow the Sabres to utilize their lines properly.
  • Vanek=Beast
  • As Nick Mendola from 1230 Weck in Buffalo points out I’m officially not a Danny Briere fan and this series may end up nullifying his acheivements in Buffalo, or at least until the end of career. He’s a chippy little punk that makes it easy to not like him. 
  • Scott Hartnell is quickly becoming my least favorite Flyer
  • I thought Sekera had ups and downs in his first game back and don’t know what if any difference it would have made to scratch him
  • I thought Niedermayer actually had some quality shifts
  • Kaleta had a great game 1, but I thought he was a liability out there like many people thought he might be.  He was off his game and chasing people down to retaliate or hit them.  He and the rest of the Sabres need to play a much smarter game 3.
  • The Sabres played stupid and still had a chance to tie the game.  Stop taking stupid penalties and I like their chances still
  • The beauty of playoff hockey is when you win a game you don’t think you will ever lose again and if you lose you can only hope that you will bounce back.
  • Can someone explain the ‘anthem’ performace of the Flyers?  I love God Bless America more than the anthem, but the dual performance with a dead woman is weird.
  • Paging Tim Connolly, Drew Stafford and anyone else who wants to get paid this offseason….thanks

The Sabres have established their position in this series.  They need to come home and take care of game 3 and play a smarter game.  Keep letting Vanek get his opportunities and hopefully the second line can show up.   They’re playing good hockey, now they just need to be smarter.


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