Delayed reactions to Game 1

Reactions to Game 1.


  • Ryan Miller was much better than pretty much anyone anticipated.  He still seems out of position to me on times behind the net and moving laterally, but when he sees the puck coming from the edges or the point it’s usually pretty tough to beat him. Miller ‘stole’ game one and will like have to remain one of the team’s best players night in and night out.
  • Where were the Sabres’ thirty goal scorers?  Most of the problem is a result of the penalties that the Sabres took in the second period, but hopefully that’s all that it was.  Each had a couple good shifts, but I would like to see them assert themselves this series.
  • Mike Grier played a good veteran checking line game.  Couple big hits, drove to the front of the net and was responsible in his own end.  I’ll take that every night, however I wish he was a just a little faster….just a little.
  • Chris Butler was AWESOME.  I don’t want to overstate his play but he was the one that constantly face washed Flyers for getting in the crease, he won numerous battles along the wall and seemed to me to be a part of every well timed defensive stop.
  • Gerbe and Gaustad played great including on the winning goal.  I said at the beginning of the series that the Sabres best players need to be their best players and although Miller was it was nice to see that the third line continued their productivity.  Gerbe’s motor is going to serve the Sabres real well.
  • Steve Montador….ugh. He….UGH….nevermind
  • I thought Myers played well, but his tripping penalty was bad.  Outside of that I’ll take it.
  • One point I think the Sabres struggled with was the Flyers forecheck.  They are going to need to make sure they do a good job this entire series (and playoffs for that matter) of getting the puck out of the zone.
  • I had a bigger issue with Mancari coming out of the lineup for Grier more than Kaleta, but in hindsight I don’t care because both played solid and we won.  Period.
  • My favorite part of the telecast was seeing Ted Black and company celebrate the goal with what I assumed was the undressed players and some other management.  Ted Black may officially be my idol.
  • 3 stars for me were Miller, Butler and Gerbe (With Kaleta and Gaustad close)
  • The non call on the interference behind the Flyers net was brutal.
  • The Sabres are 9-2 under Lindy Ruff in road Game 1s….How is that possible?  He’s awesome.
  • For the record I hate a 5pm Saturday start….it’s awful for people with kids and just a weird time.

A win’s a win and it was a pretty solid road game performance, but it’s not like the Flyers played bad at all and the Sabres are going to need to take advantage of a great opportunity to get back to Buffalo up 2-0.  Hopefully the top two lines are able to make a couple more plays and I think Vanek’s poised for a great game 2.  It’s a great chance for this team to really continue to foster their confidence heading home and I expect them to be ready for it, but I also expect to see a pretty desperate Philly team.  

(AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

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