Testing 1, 2, 3

With everything that is going on in Buffalo and sports I’ve been having a burning desire to start writing about all of these issues and finally thinking it may be time.  I just had my second child so the timing is probably about as bad as it could but I’ll write when time permits.

These changes going on with the Sabres are something out of a dream more in the fact that this leadership appreciates the details that will hopefully have an positive impact on the fans and the players.  Ted Black and TPegs seem to be building a culture within the organization that does make a meaningful impact on employees (players).

Where this goes none of us know and for this season getting to the playoffs is and should be the goal. Get there and see what happens and then lets see what the summer can bring. Like everyone I know it is an exciting time to be a Sabres fan but the Buffalonian in me knows this is the honeymoon stage (see Lawyer Milloy’s first game). Being a sustainable contender and winning a cup is the aspiration. I can’t wait to take the ride.

I’ll hopefully try to share many more thoughts on a wide variety of sports topics but the main focus will be Buffalo sports. Tell your friends and let me know your blogs and I’ll be sure to check them out.

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