Sabres vs. Rangers Reaction

So the game last night was something I was hoping to see.  The Sabres needed the two points more than they needed to look good.  They’re heading onto the road for 8 of their next 9 and even though they have played well on the road, getting a win against a conference opponent that is slipping back to the middle of the pack was important.


Ryan Miller was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic and really have been ever since Lindy called him out minus a couple long shots getting past him.  But last night he got them a game that they didn’t deserve to be in for two periods.  Rob Ray said it that the Rangers played a great road game last night and were the better team.  The Sabres looked slow and careless at time and Lindy pointed it out in his post game conference that they’d make turnovers that prolonged their shift and then would have to dump the puck and have the Rangers roll right back into the zone. That’s why Ryan Miller was great tonight.  He was in position all night, he looked comfortable and seemed to like facing a lot of shots because he wasn’t in his ‘thinking mood’.  Even the goal he let in wasn’t a bad one, Roy was shoved in front of him to screen him off. 


I’m still not sure why they play that poorly at home and don’t really understand it.  This game was like the Toronto game from a couple weeks back where the Sabres were the better team that night, but a late 2nd period goal rallied the Leafs, luckily they were on the right side of this decision with Detroit coming up.  Detroit’s Detroit and it’s going to be difficult to go on the road after that game last night, but it would be nice to start this road haul off positively.  I’d like to see the special teams take advantage of their opportunities and get some production from those second and maybe third lines and see if they can sneak this one out. 


On a football note: I’m extremely excited to watch Ed Reed play today.  He’s fantastic!


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  1. how ’bout some more updates man!

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