Tim Connolly’s Return (and assumed departure?)

So Tim Connolly is coming back on Friday to play and I don’t know what to want or expect.  For his sake and knowing what we’ve seen he’s going to play well while he’s out there, but there’s two ways to look at it and by all means and all kidding aside I hope he’s healthy for the remainder of the year. 




You could hope that first he comes back and puts together a great 15 game or so stretch and there becomes some interest in him and the Sabres front office can use him as trade bait and get something for him before they don’t resign him at the end of the year. 


On the other hand if he’s healthy he’s a little shy of a point a game player and plays both special teams.  He could make the Sabres have a great third line for their playoffs and potential playoff run. 


If you could guarantee me that he was going to be healthy for the whole remainder of the year, I would take the second option and ride him through the playoffs and wish him luck at the end of the year, but given his history, I would probably lean towards the first option and try to get value for him if there is any and let Ellis, Gerbe and other Portland players get NHL experience and potential playoff experience.  Either way, as long as he’s healthy it will obviously be beneficial to have him back.  How long?  I’m not holding my breath.

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