Sabres vs. Senators reactions

Alright, so I finally got my lap top and am back in the swing of things, but I’ve felt beyond lost for the better part of a couple weeks and out of touch.  I’m glad I have it back though and after last nights game I couldn’t wait to see what was out there. 


Seriously, who bites someone? Ruutu’s post game comments said Peters’ hand was “by his mouth but he didn’t bite it”.  Obviously this was before he had the opportunity to see the footage of him biting Peters’ hand.  Wow. 




As for the game it was nice to see the Sabres put together another solid performance.  The win in Boston on Saturday was great, but I was happy to see them play a great 59 minutes (minus the back to back goals) and Lindy Ruff couldn’t be more right.  For the Sabres to be great, they need their stars to play like it night in and night out and they’re coming around.  More importantly Stafford and Pominville and some others are raising their game.  I’d still like them to make a deal sooner rather than later though.  This team is going to be in the playoff race and Lindy traditionally puts together a good second half push.  Why not make your move now and try to build chemistry heading into or out of the All-Star break.


More to come, but I had to write something, too much has happened in the last two weeks to even try to write a monster post, but my absence sucks and I apologize.



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4 responses to “Sabres vs. Senators reactions

  1. Kyle Button

    Deal the whole team…bunch of needles…no seriously a deal does need to be done sooner than later…if they wait too long there will not be anything available.

  2. danielleia

    I had to bring my laptop to the apple store to fix it once… it was a horrible day. Haha!

    • The good thing and bad thing is I get my laptop fixed for free by my father in law, but I have to wait til he gets the time to do it…or I bring it to his house.

  3. Kyle,

    I just want Afinogenov to go on a 5 game pointstreak so someone actually wants him. Who knows what they’re going to do, but this team is good, but they need to get a move to give them more toughness up front and skill on the blue line.

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