Where to next?

So I turned on Sportscenter this morning and was watching some of the recap from last nights Eagles’ game and they were interviewing Donovan McNabb.  All I could think of was Marshawn Lynch’s interview last week. McNabb said that as a team, each individual said that they can do better and for the last couple of weeks they have been doing.  It goes along with what I talked about yesterday and veteran leadership.  The Eagles have enough players who know what it takes to win and the Bills didn’t have enough players stand up and say I can do better when things got tough they crumbled.


The Sabres and Bills are both at somewhat of the same time in terms of development and age, but the big difference is the young players on the Sabres went to back-to-back conference Finals and had savvy veterans to learn from and hopefully start to carry over for themselves and you’re starting to see Vanek, Roy, Pommer, Gaustad and the rest of the team take that leadership role. I’m just not sure where the Bills are going to look to get it outside of Marshawn Lynch and maybe Donte Whitner.  I really hate Tom Donahue as a person for having back-to-back-to-back TERRIBLE drafts.  It’s beyond annoying that his first day picks have turned into almost nothing and that’s why we’re lacking the veteran leadership.


On a side note, Syracuse managed to lose to Cleveland State on prayer.  I’m not even that upset about it because the game shouldn’t have been that close and Syracuse played terrible, but seriously, what a freakin shot.



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