Not a beautiful morning

Seriously?  I mean this is the time to make that official?  They totally insult our intelligence and dedication.  Obviously it says sources, but for this to even come out after the way yesterday turned out is a swift kick to the groin.

I woke up this morning and tried to think about something positive about yesterday’s game and the only one I can really come up with automatically leads me to the worst of it.  Marshawn Lynch was for lack of a better word a beast yesterday.  He called out himself and the whole O-line and himself went out to prove himself wrong.  I loved watching him on the sideline trying to get people fired up with god forbid a little emotion.  But with Marshawn Lynch playing another great game it just compounds the coaching mistake to throw the ball on 2nd down instead of running and trying to pick up the first down after you had already picked up 6 on first!  That makes too much sense and we roll out Losman who seems to have the decision making capability of a 4 year old and expect him to make the smart play?  Good god. You run the ball on second and you run the ball on third.  JP LOSMAN IS AT QUARTERBACK!  I mean as soon as JP rolled out who seriously went, “oh good I’m glad they didn’t give the ball to our best player and rolled out Losman, I think that will catch the Jets off guard.”  Not only could you see the sack coming, but you knew it was going to be a fumble too.


As a fan, as a team they needed to win that game.  This is a young impressionable team that learned early in the season how to win some games, but they’ve forgot that feeling.  This is a solid core of young players who need to know how to turn the corner.  There was an article by Leo Roth in the Rochester D&C on Saturday that talked with Kawika Mitchell about the difference between this year with the Bills and last year with the Giants and he said it was the players.  I like that Donte Whitner has taken a leadership role, I really do.  But every good team has viable veteran leadership that forces the players to hold themselves accountable.  For instance, I’ve been saying for a while the Bills need to bring in a number 2 receiver this offseason and it may have to be a note in itself, but out of curiosity I looked up free agent wide receivers and a name of a guy I thought would be good for this young group.   Amani Toomer (TJ Houshmandzadeh is a pipe dream), a guy who’s been around forever on winning teams and just gets the job done.  He can teach Hardy and Johnson the position and more importantly be a great complement to Lee Evans. I know the Bills contract situation with receivers is loaded and they don’t have anyone coming off, but that’s why I’m a fan of saying goodbye to Roscoe.  I love Roscoe as a punt returner when he’s not fielding punts on the 1, but I would much rather be getting production out of the receiver spot and put Jackson, McKelvin or someone else that is completely capable of returning punts back there.  This team is the opposite of 2003 when we had older, veteran players and no young talent.  Now the question is, do the people at One Bills Drive know what to do to solve it?


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