Sabres Leafs Reactions

What an unbelievable play by Roy on that first goal.  Took up three defenders and then Lydman made a nice jump on the play and was able to score the Sabres 4th goal by defensemen.  Yes, 4. 


More importantly, Derek Roy has finally come around and has scored 15 points in his last 14 games.  Guess him and Vanek don’t need to be on the same line.


I’m not sure how I really feel on this, but when someone’s stick shatters and it’s the short change why don’t they just skate to the bench quick.  I realize that they can block the shot, but they are basically defenseless and can’t put any pressure on the puck?  I think I read John Bucigross write that once, but I can’t remember. It happened tonight on the PK and just seemed like he was 15 feet from the bench and would’ve been better served getting a stick.


Jochen Hecht is so deceptively fast, he either catches up to someone or pulls away from them.


Sekera continues to make bad turnovers in the zone.  He made a terrible, terrible play that led to Toronto’s goal.  After the turnover they were scrambling around and you could almost feel the goal was coming.  He did make a good one-on-one play right after and then took a stick right to the face which came at a great time because Toronto had dominated the last three minutes of the period.


Miller put forth a solid effort, but I hate that they basically scored two blue line goals.  This was a tale of two games.  The Sabres did a phenomenal job through the first 37 minutes, but the Leafs definitely won the last 23.


I think Stafford is dreaming of wide open nets.


The power play is awful.  It’s the one thing that is really hurting.  They aren’t scoring enough goals and they are blowing these opportunities and doing so badly.  Through four power plays tonight they had one shot and that four minute power player was a disaster.  I’m not sure what they can do to improve it, but it needs to become a point of emphasis because they really are playing pretty well as a whole besides that.


God I hate the Leafs.


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