Sully sparks a debate

Yesterday, Jerry Sullivan had an article about a conversation he had with Ralph Wilson after the game in Toronto.  It sparked a conversation between myself and another passionate Bills backer.  I have to say that if I was a 90 year old owner of a franchise that hasn’t been good in a decade and great in almost two and played the way we have the last couple weeks, I’d be a little grumpier about the whole ordeal.  I mean I know Sully might have had the tone of the conversation off, but it seemed like Ralph Wilson was more awe shucks as opposed to WTF?  We don’t have the talent, what about the coach, he was so ho-hum about it.  Maybe it’s the fan in me, but after scoring three points in two consecutive weeks I’d be getting a little outraged.  I don’t want and don’t expect another Jerry Jones, but I hate Jauron’s ‘even keel’ and Wilson isn’t much better.


After the loss Russ Brandon came out and said it was unacceptable. Great, no shit moron.  Brandon is the guy behind all the season tickets the Bills still sell to the ever faithful fans.  I mean are all of us fans that stupid in what we think the Bills should be doing? I mean Marshawn Lynch had 13 carriers, Fred Jackson had no touches and I know JP had some scrambles for yards (5-51 yards), but what you’re basically telling me that two out of your probably 3 best offensive players touched the ball 13 times.  We had 13 designed run plays called out of 49!  The actual number of run plays is skewed because of Losman.


What’s encouraging is the defense has played good and as a whole it’s hard to be too upset with them given the amount of time they’ve been on the field.  I’ve said this before that this team misses Angelo Crowell a lot because he was one of the few playmakers that the defense had in creating turnovers and which is why I think George Wilson should see some time on the field. They have that side of the ball under contract for the most part and should be able to build depth and get an OLB (in re-signing Crowell or other FA or draft) and hopefully some sort of pass rusher even if it’s merely a health Aaron Schobel. 


The offense though, who knows what they need.  The article mentions that we all were hoping that James Hardy would come in and be a savior.  Truth is wide receiver is the toughest position to adjust for in the NFL and even tougher for big receivers who can’t rely just on natural ability.  However, I think the combination of Hardy and Johnson can evolve and should be given time, but Roscoe Parrish needs to go (I know he’s a great punt returner) because we need to get a veteran number 2 receiver on a short term deal and then there are a slew of great tight ends coming out this year and I’d love to see us not wait until the 4th round to pick one.  We have haven’t used the middle of the field at all this year (thank you Robert Royal). Hopefully with an upgrade at center and a full camp for the O-line (don’t think Jason Peters is holding out again) will give us a fighting chance.


For those of you who are wondering why I’m so about next year right now, refer to Chris Brown’s blog for the Bills’ playoff chances.  No you see why and after a spirited conversation last night about Sully’s article…well you get the picture.  We’re not there yet, but I’m going to hate myself for saying it, I don’t think they’re that far away either.


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