A look ahead

I’m stealing almost every bit, no I am stealing every bit of information from www.wgr550.com but they did good stuff today.  It looks like we get to see Ryan Miller again in net tonight and god only knows when the goalie that is Patrick Lalime gets another shot in net.  Also, this whole Miller and ref thing is ridiculous from every angle.  The ref shouldn’t have said it, we shouldn’t be talking about it, but we are and I’m sure we’ll hear all too much about it tonight on the game. 


Also, you gotta love the article they have about Marshawn Lynch.  A guy who has every reason to start saying they should give me the ball more and pulling a Clinton Portis, didn’t.  He stood up and said I can do better.  If more people did that, the Bills would be better, the world would be better.  The Bills need more players like him, chasing down quarterbacks who run out of bounds on your sideline and playing with heart. He has fun, plays with energy.  That’s what this team misses. 



And more importantly, god help us if I have to watch JP on another Sunday.  FTLT is even moving away from their JP defense.  He’s got 3 games to play for his next contract.  Good luck with that.


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