Bruins 7 Sabres 4

Nose dive for the Sabres

Nose dive for the Sabres

I was hoping that the Sabres could put this miserable Buffalo sports week to rest, but they didn’t even come close. A ridiculous five minutes to start the game followed by even more ridiculous defensive showing by the Sabres.  I’m ok with Lindy shaking up the lines after this weekends poor showing, but I think we all realize the main problem is defense.  I’m a kid of the 90s and grew up in my teens watching Lindy and Hasek win games 2-1 not lose them by 7-4.  You know the NHL can shout all they want about getting more goals for the casual fan, but I am not a casual fan and although that game was entertaining, it was UGLY for the hockey fan in me.


If you asked me 2 years ago I would’ve argued you until I was blue in the face that Henrik Tallinder was going to become a star in the league and that’s not happening any time soon.  The other $10 million of the blue line is playing adequate at best and although I love Sekera, but he makes too many give a ways to offset what ever he does good.  I think this team needs to do some serious trade deals this year to hopefully get something for players that are going off the books this year like Afinogenov, Kotalik, Connolly and the such.  They aren’t core players and frankly aren’t going to probably be here next year.  I won’t go any further on Connolly or my head will explode. 


It’s funny how the Sabres look a lot like the Bills right now. They have a great core of young talent, but still with some major holes to fill.  Getting together a solid top defensive pairing is like getting a pass rushing DE.  Getting together two-way offensive line is like having a number 2 receiver and all around TE.  Point is, both of these teams are probably a year away from being really good.  I’m with you and will leave and breath each game thinking there’s hope, but the fan of 20+ years knows there is more for these teams to do.  For the Sabres I think they need to play Lalime more and in matchups that work for him and the Sabres (non-divisional contests).  Additionally the fire sale potential won’t hurt the Sabres because if you haven’t notices Tim Kennedy, Nathan Gerbe and some other Portland players look like they’re ready to play in the NHL.  Let’s give them their shot.


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